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Our Story

At The Thistle, we strive for unparalleled hospitality, fostering an environment where guests can enjoy and create meaningful connections. Our success lies in our relentless pursuit of excellence, gauged through the happiness of each guest, and our commitment to prioritizing their needs. We empower our team to strive for guest satisfaction, backed by the full support of our organization. Our focus on quality permeates every aspect of our operation, ensuring adherence to core practices like clean working environments and superior food and service standards, while also emphasizing pride in our culinary offerings and business operations. Equally essential to our ethos is unwavering integrity, as we hold ourselves accountable to doing what’s right, regardless of its difficulty or expectation, pledging to rectify our shortcomings diligently. The amalgamation of these values makes The Thistle not just a restaurant, but a home away from home for our cherished guests.

We are New Glasgow's restaurant

Nestled in the heart of our beloved town, The Thistle has been a cherished gathering place for generations. Stepping inside, you’ll immediately feel the cozy ambiance and friendly atmosphere that reflect our deep connection to the community. We are not just a local restaurant, we are New Glasgow’s restaurant.

About the Thistle restaurant in New Glasgow

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What is Important to Us

About the Thistle restaurant in New Glasgow


A great hospitality experience is when guests can focus on each other and have a good time. It’s creating an environment where relationships are celebrated, where people can laugh, talk, enjoy great food and drinks together, and let their guards down. We want the Thistle’s guests to choose to visit us because we’ve created a strong personal connection and feel like we are their home away from home.


We strive to achieve and maintain excellence in everything we do. To us, excellence is measured one happy guest at a time. We earn the loyalty of our guests by our commitment to making them our main priority. We empower and encourage every team member to do whatever it takes to make our guests happy. Knowing they have the full support of the entire company behind them enables the Thistle team to deliver on the commitment to excellence.


From the very beginning, quality at all levels of our operation has been a driving force behind our success. We use systems to ensure our quality standards are met. This starts with making sure we execute on the basics first, which include clean and safe work environments, hot food hot, cold food cold, great food, and great service. And and then we move on to creating a culture in our restaurant where we have pride in the food and beverage we serve, our plate presentations, and the businesses we run. By maintaining high-quality standards, we ensure our guests keep coming back.


We believe consistency is key to a great dining experience. We want our guests to know exactly what to expect each and every time they dine with us. To ensure consistency in our products and service, we follow operational systems for everything from food quality and preparation to caring customer service and cleanliness.


We will act with unwavering integrity with every action we take. To us, integrity is doing what we know is right even when it is not expected and especially when it may be hard. While we understand nobody is perfect, we will hold ourselves accountable when we falter and we will do everything in our power to make things right.


With our core values as a guide And our ambition to always be looking for ways to improve every aspect of our business, from service to menu, operational systems to training, and efficiencies to cleanliness, We are committed to continue learning and personal growth. We will facilitate this journey as a company by creating a positive work environment where continual learning is the norm by providing ongoing training and positive feedback and by always being open to change.

Oh, and one more point on excellence

We believe that it is not only our job but our responsibility. Our job is to ensure that we are the best! We do this by only buying the best ingredients and hiring and training only the best. We strive for 100% guest satisfaction. Our success in achieving excellence is measured one happy customer at a time.